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Data Democratization Manifesto

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6 Responses

  1. NorthernGuy says:

    You wrote: “6. If there is a business need, new data sources need to be made available.”.

    I would go beyond and would command that every data source available or added in a company has to be made available for data science – because you don’t know today what business need you will have tomorrow. And you don’t know today what a smart scientist will pull out of the data tomorrow.

    Great write-up like always, Doc.

    • Bigdata Doc Bigdata Doc says:

      Hi NorthernGuy! You are right making this point so clear! A data scientist can solve a data problem a business guy didn’t even know was solvable 🙂 The power in the data is to be unlocked!

  2. J.F. says:

    Great job! We are going at the moment through this process in my company and I must say that at the beginning it is a hard process! I wish I had this manifesto when we started, but the results speak for themselves! Now, looking back, we just regret the potential locked in data silos we could not use for so many years! I sign up!

  3. Joshi says:

    Hey! Good one! I see you put the focus on companies and industries. I also like this one, but it is rather from the gov. perspective http://devinit.org/#!/post/data-manifesto-2

    • Bigdata Doc Bigdata Doc says:

      Yes, you are right, our focus is the democratization of data assets to take companies forward… Governments pursue slightly different objectives, but in essence it is all about the same. Joshi, thank you for sharing!!

  4. TEFAnonymous says:

    So proud of seeing it emerging from where it is emerging! Great job! It’s time to break silos and put the right people guiding the digital transformation! Wiht this mindset nothing can stop us! Muy bien! No paréis!

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